Multi Display Adaptors


A DuelHead2Go is an external multi-display adapter that gives you the ability to output to two extra displays. It is perfect for VJs as it allows two projectors to be connected from one display output. This means that refresh rates of the two screens or projectors will be in sync. Meaning that flashing and strobing video effects can be used without the projectors becoming out of sync like they would if run on two separate display outputs. It works by combining the resolutions of the two screens so the computer thinks it is one big screen. It has a maximum resolution of 3840×1200 producing two screens that are a maximum of 1920×1200.


A TripleHead2Go is very similar to the DuelHead2Go except it can output to three screens using one display output. All three screens will refresh at exactly the same time keeping the video in sync. It also works in the same way by making the computer think that it is one display. It has a maximum resolution of 5760×1080 producing three screens that are a maximum of 1920×1080. It can also be used as a DuelHead2Go if only two outputs are required giving this product more versatility.


A genlock is a device for maintaining sync between two different video signals. This is important as it keeps the frequency of the signal synchronised so the screens refresh at exactly the same time. This is very useful if two or more screens need to be run at exactly the same frequency.

Datapath x4

A Datapath x4 is a device that can display to up to four screens or projectors using only one video input. It is quite similar to the duel and triple head 2 go but it can output to four screens. The biggest difference is that the Datapath can use either analogue or digital video source. This is important for higher quality video as it can only be carried by a digital cable. With a built in genlock the Datapath x4 is a very capable display wall controller.h